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Friday, January 25, 2013

Midwest Grape & Wine Conference and Trade Show

Boothboss is taking the next step in event planning and management! February 7th-9th 2013 Boothboss will be in St. Charles Missouri managing the Midwest Grape & Wine Conference and Trade Show!

Check out this video to see what the Midwest Grape & Wine Conference has to offer!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

QR Codes at Trade Shows

I’m starting to see a few QR codes show up on our live interactive floor plan for our Midwest Grape and Wine Conference and tradeshow.  What exactly is a QR code and should I be more actively promoting QR codes at my event? Echo Dawn Wright, Midwest Grape & Wine Conference & Trade Show

Great question!  First of all a QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response Code) is the trademark for a two dimensional bar code, that when scanned by a smart phone creates a pathway to information or site you want the user to go to, for example your exhibitor’s web site or in the case of attendees, their contact information.   In the fast paced world of tradeshows, connecting attendee information with exhibitor promotion is everything.  Boothboss continues to create the technology that bridges the information gap between exhibitors and attendees.   It’s what your exhibitors ultimately want, which means better retention of booth space and hopefully more revenue and sales with new exhibitors.

After creating their own private QR code, all exhibitors need to do is properly duplicate the code on business cards, signage at the show, live interactive floor plans and in promotional materials.  This allows smart phone users the ability to simply click on the code and be directed to the exhibitors web site, tradeshow promotion, or to their personal contact information; they can link products and services, or even create a customer survey form to gather more specific information from attendees.  All at the convenience of the attendee, and not during a hurried rush to get through the trade show. 

With boothboss our attendee software badging technology creates QR codes for attendees as well and prints those codes directly on the attendee badge.  This allows the exhibitor the ability to click on the code and gather information on the attendee, their name, company name, e-mail address, phone number and even what type of consumer attendee they are, whether a wholesale buyer or private consumer. 

Whether to use QR coding for your event or not, is something that deserves quite a bit of thought.  Technology is only going to become more interactive, embrace it now, promote it with your exhibitors and attendees and I believe you will be looked upon as an event manager in touch with technology and ultimately concerned about a better event experience for both the exhibitor and attendee.  

Friday, August 12, 2011

Interactive floor plans, what’s the big deal? by: James Lemke CEO, BoothBoss

Ok, so you’ve been successfully running your trade show with an old PDF floor plan. Your Exhibitors seem happy, and your show generally sells out every year. Why go through the pain and change of adding floor planning technology to your event? Here are your top 10 reasons why it’s becoming increasingly important to have an interactive floor plan.

  1. Exhibitors are becoming more technology savvy, and they want the marketing advantages with attendees that only an “live” floor plan can provide. It demonstrates to your Exhibitors your commitment to making your event a successful one, for not only you but them as well. That helps insure exhibitor loyalty in good times and in bad.
  2. A live floor plan will drive traffic to your web site, and who doesn’t want more traffic on their sites? More traffic means more promotional opportunities for your organization and that means greater efficiencies and revenue opportunities leading to profit.
  3. Live interactive floor plans allow for “live” URL web site addresses for your Exhibitors. Having a direct link to Exhibitors web sites promoted to attendees prior to and after the show puts your show front and center.
  4. 365 days a year exposure. Smart event managers have learned to keep their floor plans up, promoted and “live” after their shows are over. Spread that interesting fact to potential Exhibitors and watch your Exhibitor booth sales explode.
  5. With interactive floor plans, come social media opportunities. You can’t promote your show with Twitter, QR bar-coding and Facebook, with an old antiquated floor plan, it’s contradictory. Social media and information gathering is all the craze, and your exhibitors are drawn into that hype as much as your attendees.
  6. Do it for yourself. Interactive floor plans partnered with an online registration system makes administrating your show more efficient, helps make sales and provides you with back office support meaning less administrative headaches and ultimately a better bottom line.
  7. Speaking of profit, how valuable would it be to make immediate floor plan changes for free? Most interactive floor plan companies, like BoothBoss allow for numerous floor plan changes without delay and without cost, including adding more space because you’re sold out! No delays and free, that’s a partnership any event organizers can get behind.
  8. Promotional opportunities within the floor plan. Interactive floor plans allow for sponsorship ads directly on the floor plan itself. Sponsorship ads (with live URL’s) means revenue for your event.
  9. Attendees are the key to Exhibitor happiness and your bottom dollar. Attendees can search out Exhibitors prior to the show to better plan their experience at your show. Interactive floor plans allow attendees search options for exhibitors, specific products and services, including printing out promotions to attend your event. That’s a fact that will help drive attendance.
  10. A live interactive floor plan indicating sold space, available space and who’s exhibiting often creates a sense of competition and urgency among exhibitors. Competition for space means more immediate sales and quite often upgrades in booth selections.

Technology is coming, don’t fight it, embrace it and prove to your Exhibitors you’re on the leading edge of their success. Change doesn’t have to be painful, embrace the technology of an interactive floor plan and you’ll quickly wonder how you ever managed without it.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Congratulations to The Peachtree Health & Fitness Expo on a completely sold out show!

Atlanta Track Club and the Peachtree Health & Fitness Expo gained 23 booths from their 2010 Expo. Boothboss is excited to be a part of this awesome event and would like to wish all of the runners and exhibitors the best of luck!
Take a look at the floorplan and if your in the area stop in and enjoy. July 2-4 2011

Take a few minutes and vote on your favorite T-Shirt

Monday, June 13, 2011

Harleys Heroes Motorcycle Ride June 18th

Check out the ride to help the Never Forgotten Honor Flight. If you want to spend the day enjoying the beautiful Wisconsin views or just hang out, have a beer and listen to some great music please check out the link below.

To get registered go to.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Honor Flight Network

RegistrationBoss announces local partnership with Never Forgotten Honor Flight. Never Forgotten Honor Flight has a very simple mission: “We want to fly as many Veterans as are able to Washington to experience “their” memorial and a few other sights and sounds of the nation’s capital, at no cost to our Veterans”.

Jim Campbell and Mike Thompson Central Wisconsin co-founders for Honor Flight have worked since the conception of the chapter to make their Honor Flight one of the best and most active in the nation. Their success can be found in the many flights, smiles and appreciative Veterans who were fortunate to make the journey to Washington D.C.

When Jim Lemke, President and CEO of RegistrationBoss had an opportunity to affiliate and help support this cause through an on line registration system supporting event fund raisers held for Honor Flight, he jumped at the chance. “RegistrationBoss has had the distinct opportunity to write software designed to make event managers jobs easier, more profitable, and to take advantage of viral marketing opportunities in today’s trendy social media arena.” “When I had a chance to affiliate our registration software in support of this great cause, I couldn’t write the program fast enough” says Lemke, CEO and President for RegistrationBoss.

Now RegistrationBoss is in discussion with many different organizations and fund raisers in support of Honor Flight and other non-profit fund raising organizations. None more important than the upcoming “Harley Heroes” motorcycle run and block party organized by Mid-Wisconsin Bank of Wausau. Go to and check out the Honor Flight link for this fun event with an honorable cause.

If you have an event that could benefit from an online registration system Jim Lemke can be reached at 715-345-6599.

Peachtree Road Race

The Peachtree Health and Fitness Expo on July 2-3
serves as the kick-off to the AJC 2010 Peachtree Health & Fitness Expo- BOAPeachtree Road Race on the Fourth of July. The Expo features vendors from the health and fitness industry including running apparel and gear, nutritional products and injury prevention. Check out who's exhibiting

2011 AJC Peachtree Road Race

The AJC Peachtree Road Race is an Atlanta institution. The event, which attracts runners and walkers from all over the US, is a great way to celebrate the Fourth of July. For those not running or walking in the event, there are opportunities to take part in the festivities by becoming a volunteer or cheering on the 60,000 participants.

We look forward to seeing you on July 4!

Boothboss is proud to be involved with 41 Years of history.

Peachtree Through the Years 1970-2011Old Peachtree Photo

On July 4, 1970, 110 runners gathered at the old Sears parking lot on the corner of Peachtree and Roswell Road. The group, now known as the “Original 110,” ran 6.2 miles through Atlanta to Central City Park in what would go down in history as the inaugural Peachtree Road Race.

  • 1971 - The first of the now famous Peachtree T-Shirts are handed out at the end of the race.
  • 1976 - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution becomes the title sponsor.
  • 1978 - Race finish is moved to Piedmont Park in front of the Bath House to accommodate the 6,500+ runners.
  • 1980 - Race is capped at 25,000 participants. The limit is set due to the congestion on the course where it entered the park.
  • 1982 - The Shepherd Center’s Wheelchair Division is added. Since then the event has produced several world record-breaking performances by participants in the wheelchair division.
  • 1985 - Julia Emmons becomes the Executive Director of the Atlanta Track Club and the Director of the AJC Peachtree Road Race. She will remain the director for the next 22 Peachtrees. The AJC also comes back as title sponsor and will remain title sponsor through the present.
  • 1987 - First AJC Peachtree Jr. is held.
  • 1990 - New race cap of 40,000 is announced.
  • 1992 - Race cap increases to 45,000 and race fills in nine days.
  • 1995 - Race cap increases to 50,000, and the first AJC Peachtree Road Race T-shirt Design Contest is held. Carle Wattenberg, III is the winning designer.
  • 1998 - Race cap increases to its current limit of 55,000 participants.
  • 1999 - Race finish moves to 10th Street and Charles Allen Drive due to sewer construction inside the park. The finish will remain there for the next eight years.
  • 2004 - First overseas race is held in Baghdad.
  • 2006 - After 22 years, Julia Emmons directs her last AJC Peachtree Road Race and retires from the Atlanta Track Club.
  • 2007 - Tracey Russell takes over for Emmons as Executive Director of the Atlanta Track Club and directs her first AJC Peachtree Road Race. First USA Men’s 10 km Championship is held in conjunction with the race.
  • 2008 - Due to the drought, race cannot finish in Piedmont Park and is successfully moved to Juniper Street and Ponce de Leon Ave.
  • 2009 - For the first time every participant is electronically timed and race finish returns to 10thStreet.
  • 2010 - Start waves are assigned by performance, expanding from nine time groups to 20 start waves. An official number transfer system is also implemented.
  • 2011- Race cap increases to 60,000. Online lottery system is implemented for registration.