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Thursday, August 12, 2010

What separates BoothBoss® from its competitors?

BoothBoss® has been a refreshing solution for software in the event and trade show management industry. When BoothBoss® hit the market three years ago, we knew our software would become one of the leading registration solutions for trade show managers around the world. In our initial product development discovery, BoothBoss® found that not only were trade show managers looking for a more streamlined solution to the exhibitor registration process, they were also in need of a software company that would provide customer support after the sale, and provide that support to them in an efficient and timely manner! I am proud to say that our customer service has exceeded all expectations. My promise to you is that our customer service will remain at the forefront of what is important to us here at BoothBoss®! Expect the best, and deliver far more. That’s a Motto you can count on!

James Lemke
Principal and CEO

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