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Friday, July 9, 2010

No Show Is The Same....

The BoothBoss Team has interacted with trade show managers, attendees, and exhibitors across the board. One question we keep hearing time and time again is "what are other people doing?" We've come to one show is the same! Each show has it's own history, identity, and pride. We're always available to give helpful tips and ideas, and share the information that we've gathered over the years. Here are a couple helpful ways to increase general satisfaction at your show.

1. Set measurable goals prior to the event. Ask important questions such as:
- What is the average revenue generated from one booth sale?
- Who is my target audience
- Location- Location- Location what the demographics of the city?
- What does a successful show look like?

2. Create a buzz
- Utilize social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube- all free!
- Create multiple touch points prior to the event with direct mailing, website, emails, phone calls
- Provide a teaser of incentive for attendees and exhibitors with free tickets, and early bird booth sign up specials
- Create a compelling reason as to why people should attend your show

3. Follow up
- People like to be recognized. Respond to your vendors with a thank you within a week of closing the event.
- Build your database; keep track of the attendee & vendors lists to build on in the future

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